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Sagacious Consultants Managed Implementations services provide strategy and execution for your organization’s largest IT initiatives, including new EHR implementations and upgrades, rollouts, and affiliate extensions.


EHR Implementations


Implementing a new EHR means momentous change for your organization. We provide strategic guidance to prepare for and execute your new EHR, with skills and expertise you won’t find with other firms. Our experienced healthcare leaders effectively work with your organization’s leadership for strategic planning and large-scale change management throughout all operations, while project managers and directors with years of EHR-specific experience help you to plan for and manage each phase of your project.


Upgrades and Optimizations


Upgrading your EHR means more than just taking what the vendor gives. It can be an opportunity for build and workflow enhancements. Our EHR application analysts are experienced in version gap analysis, combined with operational workflow analysis and pain point identification. They can create an optimization plan customized and appropriate for your organization’s needs. Sagacious Consultants may supplement your staff, or provide strategic planning and project management to lead your upgrade efforts.


Rollouts through Mergers and Acquisitions


Many large organizations have significant experience and methodologies in rolling out their EHR system to owned sites. However, rolling out your platform to a site new to your organization, or combining platforms through a merger, requires special attention to change management, staffing and resourcing, and also brings unique technical challenges. Sagacious Consultants leaders, including former CIOs, have the special skills and experience to lead you through this journey and set forth a strategic plan for management of your EHR platform, other IT systems, and IT staffing, as well as guidance through non-IT operational impacts.


Affiliate Extensions


Your extension to independent community providers and hospitals is unique to your environment and requires strategic planning and effective management. Our team of experienced staff can lead or support your efforts through experience-based practices to plan for, execute and optimize your community affiliate extensions. We recognize that an EHR extension goes beyond software, and help you implement sustainable and extensible solutions across your enterprise and affiliates. Learn more.

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