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Developing an Information Governance Program

Courtney Patterson - Monday, March 27, 2017


by: Nora Radtke & Teri Tsutsui


During the next eight years, healthcare data will exceed 40 zettabytes (or 40 trillion gigabytes). It’s daunting to wrap your head around this volume of data – let alone manage and mine it. Information governance (IG) is the backbone for managing this flood of information.

AHIMA defines Information Governance as “an organization-wide framework for managing information throughout its lifecycle and for supporting the organization’s strategy, operations, regulatory, legal, risk, and environmental requirements.”


In an effort to get ahead of the curve, healthcare organizations should develop programs with strong policies and procedures for information governance. A solid IG program can:

  • - Optimize the ability to mine healthcare data while meeting compliance standards
  • - Mitigate the risks of security breaches or data loss
  • - Provide a safe means for sharing information with partners, suppliers, and other healthcare organizations
  • - Ensure that information received is trustworthy
  • - Improve quality and standard of care
  • - Reduce inefficiencies
  • - Provide cost reduction initiatives


Healthcare organizations need to become advocates of information governance. Through a suite of strategic solutions, Sagacious Consultants works to improve IG programs both technically and operationally. These include:

  • - Development of chart correction policies to promote data integrity
  • - Definition of a legal medical record and procedures to release information in accordance with HIPAA standards
  • - Change management policies to ensure regulated update of electronic medical records
  • - Strategies for privacy of confidential patient information
  • - Analytics programs to guarantee optimal and appropriate usage of data
  • - User security policies to restrict access to information by job role in an effort to safeguard organizations from data breaches


While most sites have these types of programs in a standalone format, AHIMA is encouraging centralizing IG into an enterprise program with unified leadership. This centralized format encourages engagement from the top down and standardizes policies and procedures organization-wide.


Sagacious Consultants can help your organization either start from scratch or tie together longstanding strategies into a single, system-wide information governance program. Contact us to learn more.


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