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Employees Happier

High Performing Teams


We work with your IT staff, managers, and executives to create meaningful, challenging, and rewarding goals in the workplace.  We then coach management and executives on how to manage the context in which their teams are performing to achieve these goals. This means adjusting roles, distributing tasks, and managing workload and other controllable variables to make your teams successful and performing at their highest potential.


Recruiting, Retaining, and Developing Top Talent


Let us show you how we recruit and develop the leading talent in the industry. Our targeted recruiting methods and local market research in compensation enable IT departments to attract and retain employees. We will share our academically researched and field tested interview structure that consistently assesses a candidate's true value and potential contribution to the organization. We will also help you develop and retain candidates by creating clearly defined growth paths with objective measures for career progression.


Improved Service Delivery


We work with your project management office, IT teams, and operational customers to establish a service delivery structure and process that promotes collaboration and innovation.  Our framework allows your teams to scope, prioritize, and complete new projects and enhancements at a quicker pace and in a more efficient manner. We employ capacity planning and utilization methods to appropriately schedule projects so IT staff are not overburdened and IT customers have a more accurate estimation of when their projects will be completed.

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