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Sagacious: Employee Benefits


    • [+] Full-time Salary (100% bench pay)

      As a full-time salaried consultant at Sagacious, you will enjoy the stability of a consistent salary and benefits even while not on project.  Sagacious believes that it is vital to engage in an on-going relationship with its employees.  While off-project, you are still afforded the opportunity for advancement as we market for your next opportunity with us.  We are fully invested in each employee’s long-term success.  Providing our consultants this essential benefit helps ensure a long and successful career together.

    • [+] Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

      Sagacious understands the importance of quality healthcare.  With Accenture, we are able to leverage economies of scale to provide comprehensive healthcare at premiums much lower than industry peers. There are exceptional options for Medical (includes Teladoc for PPO participants), Vision, Dental, and even Orthodontia! The plans cover a wide range of medical services, and 100 percent coverage of routine annual physicals, 2 preventive care dental visits, and related routine tests if performed by a network doctor.

    • [+] Medical and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts

      Sagacious Consultants offers a voluntary Medical FSA, which allows eligible employees to set aside a specific pretax dollar amount (up to annual IRS limits) for eligible unreimbursed medical, dental, vision care expenses.  Additionally, the Dependent Care FSA allows you to pay for eligible child care expenses with pre-tax dollars (up to annual IRS limits) by providing you with a reimbursement for child care expenses for dependent children during the calendar year.

    • [+] Health Savings Account

      The HSA is another voluntary pre-tax benefit provided by Sagacious that allows you to deposit your healthcare dollars for various qualified medical, dental and vision expenses up to the annual contribution limits set by the IRS.  The plan also allows you to grow your savings by earning interest on your money over time.

    • [+] Life Insurance

      This is one benefit we hope our employees never have to use; however, when it comes to protecting the financial security of your loved ones, nothing is more important than planning ahead. Employee life insurance coverage ranges from 1 to 10 times your annual salary. Additionally, dependent life insurance for your spouse and children have seven elections to choose from.

    • [+] Long-Term Disability Insurance

      The Long-Term Disability plan is a benefit that helps lessen the financial impact of a serious disability by providing you with a percentage of your income in the event you become disabled and are unable to work due to medical reasons. This benefit may give you the financial support you need to pay for housing, food, and other expenses so you can focus on getting better. It is offered at 50-60 percent of your annual salary if you are disabled and can't work for more than 180 days.


    • [+] Professional Development

      Sagacious focuses heavily on employee development -and Accenture matches that commitment having invested over $840 Million in employee learning/development in 2015!


      For our talented employees to remain the very best, we provide continual professional development both through internal employee training/mentorship and through Accenture's vast professional development programs and myLearning portal. Whether you are looking to obtain your PMP, Six Sigma, or even improve public speaking, there are hundreds of online and in-person courses available through the myLearning portal or Accenture's college in Illinois.

    • [+] Paid Time Off (PTO)

      Sagacious offers a generous amount of paid time off and holidays to each of its full-time employees.  PTO provides full-time salaried employees with an accrual of hours to be used as paid time off for PTO, sick leave, and emergencies--or for any other personal reasons.  We believe it is important for our employees to disconnect while out of the office in order to relax, recharge and return with renewed energy. Inclusive of 9 observed holidays, consultants can expect upwards of 30 total compensated days off per annum!

    • [+] Paid Maternity / Paternity Leave

      Sagacious provides up to 16 weeks of paid maternity leave! Fathers/adoptive parents receive up to eight weeks paid leave as primary caregiver, or two weeks as secondary caregiver. As part of the Accenture family, we’re proud to offer industry leading parental benefits. In fact, Accenture has been named a Working Mother’s Best Company for the 13th consecutive year.

    • [+] Bonus Programs

      You name it, we may just have a bonus for it – Annual Bonus, New Employee Referral Bonus, New Client Referral Bonus, Employee Placement Bonus, Role-Based Bonuses, etc.  We love to reward our employees for their hard work and contribution to our success – it’s your success also!

    • [+] 401(k) Employer Contributions

      If you are making contributions and you have satisfied the eligibility requirements, Sagacious will match your contributions up to 6% of your compensation (subject to the IRS annual limits). You are 100% vested in employer match after 2 years of service.

    • [+] Fitness Incentive

      As we understand the value of quality healthcare, we also recognize the importance of helping to keep our employees healthy and active. Our Live Well program offers employees and one dependent total incentives of up to $600/$1,200 per year, respectively. Included in this, participants receive $150 towards a wearable fitness device, up to $300 for achieving fitness milestones, and reimbursement on certain medical expenses.


    • [+] Company Offered Leave of Absence (COLA)

      At Sagacious, we appreciate and value the time you spend working with us.  For this reason, once a full-time consultant has been with Sagacious Consultants for 1 year, that employee is entitled to take a one-month unpaid leave of absence.  The benefits will remain active, and your status of full-time employee with Sagacious Consultants will remain unchanged and in good standing.

    • [+] Exclusive Events

      In addition to having access to local Accenture offices, our consultants come together throughout the year for several exclusive Sagacious team building events. We believe there are great benefits to spending quality time with coworkers from all over the U.S. These occasions enable employees to have face-to-face conversations about work interests and challenges, and give them a chance to gain insight from Sagacious leadership about industry trends and company plans. There’s no doubt we have fun, too.


      View our Media Library to see some of the events we have enjoyed as a team.


    • [+] Charitable Donations

      Sagacious Consultants not only strives to improve healthcare organizations, but also to make a meaningful impact on its surrounding communities with the myGiving program. Employee charitable donations are matched 1:1 when at least $1,000 has been raised by 10 or more employee donors. All university donations receive a 1:1 match. Best of all, there is no cap on the match!


      This is one of many Accenture corporate citizenship programs.


Additional benefits information from Accenture can be found here

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